Comparative Analysis of English and Bade Proverbs

Comparative Analysis of English and Bade Proverbs Essay Sample

English and Bade proverbs are very different because history of the languages and people, who use them are also very different

According to many studies, every language, whether it has many speakers or not, has its proverbs. Proverbs are expressions that contain knowledge and wisdom of people, who speak the language. The number of proverbs of the English language is great, and they are diverse because of several reasons. First of all, English has a long history, and many events happened to native speakers during this time. Apart from this, there are many countries who speak this language. Every country and every nation adds something new to the proverbs. The last reason, why the number of proverbs of English is so great is academic recognition. They are well studied and recorded. The Bade language belongs to the people of Yobe State. It is not a widespread language, it doesn’t have a long history, and isn’t studied well. It is possible that the Bade language also includes quite many proverbs, but a lot of them just aren’t reordered.

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