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Collin’s Conspiracy Corner

Collin’s Conspiracy Corner is a comedy podcast brought to you by the mind of Collin Hudson, NCR’s local conspiracy theorist. Each week, Collin brings in guests to talk about a different conspiracy theory in the hope to open our mind’s eyes!
Catch “Collin’s Conspiracy Corner”
every Tuesday night at 8pm EST, live on Norse Code Radio!

Cozzart Radio

“What’s my podcast about? Getting the good word of god for today, giving advice, talkin about games coming out like Borderlands 3 “Hype”, and giving people a chance to hear voice overs.”

Catch “Cozzart Radio every Wednesday at 1pm EST on Norse Code Radio!”


JONAGE is a live DJ set/radio talk show from Jon Barnett, featuring many subgenres of indie, alternative, and punk rock music, from bands that are up and coming to legendary. And if you’re lucky, you might just learn something.
Catch “JONAGE” live every Monday night at 7pm EST, only on Norse Code Radio!

Mother Mary’s Music

“Mother Mary’s Music is hosted by Mary McNeill, often referred by her sobriquet Mother Mary. Every week Mother Mary’s Music focuses on bringing a variety of genres, usually rock, post hardcore, and punk, but also ranges anything from R&B, country rap, and experimental. There are occasionally commentary and also serves as a talk show about music.”

-Mary McNeill

Catch “Mother Mary’s Music” every Friday at 3:30pm EST live only on Norse Code Radio!

My Show

“Join your host Ezra Crist as he and his guests try to not go on tangents during this hour long show recapping the past weeks events in Movies, T.V. and more!” -Ezra Crist
Catch “My Show” every Friday at 7pm EST on Norse Code Radio!

Pony Express Sports

Pony Express Sports is a live sports show from NCR veteran Alex Gray, ranging from local to major sporting events, including everything from Basketball to Nascar!
Catch “Pony Express Sports” every Monday night at 8pm EST, live on Norse Code Radio!

Something Stupid

“Something Stupid is a [comedy] show about anything and everything. We talk about whatever we want and it usually goes off on a tangent with whatever guest(s) are on.”
-Ashlyn Duggan
Catch “Something Stupid” on Fridays at 2pm EST, only on Norse Code Radio!

The 2 Techno Geeks

The 2 Techno Geeks is a geek and tech podcast from Ian Holbrook and Jake Banta. Computers, phones, games, comics, movies and more are all covered.
Catch “The 2 Techno Geeks” every Thursday at 3pm EST, live on Norse Code Radio!

Witching Hour

Have you ever wished that someone with bangs would tell you what planet is making you sad? Witching Hour is an NCR show with an “astrology forecast” explaining what the planets are doing in the week following, along with some astrology basics and witchy tid-bits. The rest of the hour is dedicated to women and non-binary musicians.
Catch “Witching Hour” every Monday night at 6pm EST live on Norse Code Radio!