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Instead of just music like other radio stations, Norse Code Radio hosts a series of podcasts! You can listen here on our site in various ways. First of all, all podcasts are live on our website. If you want to tune in live, and possibly be interactive with our hosts, you can see what days and times our podcasts air on our schedule.

If a podcaster chooses to record their show for future listening, you can listen at a later time here on our website! Just choose the podcast you want to listen to from the drop-down menu, and see if they have any recorded episodes. Some shows are live only, so check out our shows on social media to see if they record their show or if they’re a live NCR exclusive!

We are also working on getting recorded podcasts on other services, like iTunes and Spotify, but if a podcaster does choose to record their show, it will air here first on NCR. You can always follow NCR and our hosts on our social media accounts to see when shows are live or up on other services.

Stay tuned to NCR for more updates!

Collin’s Conspiracy Corner
by Collin Hudson
by Ethan McIntosh and Caitlyn Scherpenberg
Edge Control
by Eunice Yankson and Allison Vesgas Ramos
Excuse Us
by Jon Barnett, Collin Hudson, & Trace Maloney
Something Stupid
by Ashlyn Duggan
Techno Geeks
by Ian Holbrook and Jake Banta
Track Talk
by Lilly Taylor