Bottom O’ The Barrel

People know and (used to) love the top of the charts. We are not those people. We are Bottom O’ The Barrel, where we play all of the (mostly rock) music too out-there for real radio stations. Rarities from artists you know. Singles from artists you don’t. Subgenres that were definitely made up yet sound great anyways. Let’s pull deep and see what gems lie beneath the surface of the music world.

B-Sides The Mainstream

B-Sides The Mainstream is your weekly hour-long mixtape, a tracklist perfectly curated for you by your host, Kenzie.  The show will introduce you to the lesser-known tracks of artists you love, and occasionally even artists you’ve never heard of!

Compact Clearance

The show Compact Clearance aims to explore the world of long forgotten CDs and artists found rotting away in clearance bins. Each regular episode of Compact Clearance will focus on a specific CD, playing through the disc of the day in full as well as giving as much background as possible to the album or tracks, wherever available. Compact Clearance does not aim to review these CDs critically, rather, the aim is to bring to light some of this overlooked and forgotten music and give it a second shot at life.

The Kitchen Sink

You like jazz? Only listen to country? Perhaps you exclusively like hip/hop. Well The Kitch Sink Radio Hour is the show for you. Host Henry Crawford discusses and presents a selection of music spanning any and all genres imaginable on this weekly music hour. From Motzart to Madonna, you never know what you’re in for on The Kitchen Sink Radio Hour.

Loud and Clear

Loud and Clear is your emotional escape into the world of Midwest emo and alternative music. Immerse yourself in soul-stirring melodies and lyrics that resonate deep within. This show is a sanctuary for your innermost feelings where in the loudest notes, you find clarity.

Norse Midnight Society

Welcome all ghosts, goblins, ghouls, cryptids, and other nocturnal creatures to Norse Midnight Society: a hub for NKU’s supernatural population. Stumble upon this mysterious broadcast for a variety hour radio show accompanied by a fictional talk show full of news and announcements for the supernatural side of NKU’s campus. Shows will pull inspiration from mythology, folklore, cryptids, creepypasta, eldritch horror, and much more for a wonderfully terrifying mix of fun and spooks.

The Sup Podcast

Hello everyone and welcome to The Sup Podcast! This podcast is hosted by Matthew Supinger, and every week he’ll have a new episode with a guest. However the fun doesn’t end there, as Matthew has each guest bring on a soup of their choice to share and enjoy as they chat, catch up with life, and of course talk about soup! Go check out the Instagram page @the_sup_pod, and leave a message if you’d like to be a guest! Thank you to @sydlemknee for the amazing logo as well!

That’s A Wrap

One knows nothing, one knows everything! Join Austin and Anthony as they review the biggest movies of the week and discuss all they know about it. The catch: one of them goes in blind knowing nothing about the film and the other knows everything about the movie.

Twelve and a Half

Twelve and a Half is a music variety hour hosted by Patrick Hirsch. Music stylings will vary week-by-week covering a strange subsection of the musical spectrum.


Hey punk, you got something to say? Yes. WNCR is NKU’s premiere punk, indie, and whatever else radio station. Join us every week as we cover various arbitrary questions like whether punk can be considered jazz, is graffiti amoral, why does everyone like Alex G, and when will I be able to have my brain eternally preserved in a jar and uploaded to a computer? All this while listening to some slamming punk (and not punk) hits. Make sure you send any questions, topics, or really anything to [email protected] or send a message to our instagram at @wnku_radio. Remeber: THATS NOT PUNK!