The Sup Podcast

Hello everyone and welcome to The Sup Podcast! This podcast is hosted by Matthew Supinger, and every week he’ll have a new episode with a guest. However the fun doesn’t end there, as Matthew has each guest bring on a soup of their choice to share and enjoy as they chat, catch up with life, and of course talk about soup! Go check out the Instagram page @the_sup_pod, and leave a message if you’d like to be a guest! Thank you to @sydlemknee for the amazing logo as well!

That’s A Wrap

One knows nothing, one knows everything! Join Austin and Anthony as they review the biggest movies of the week and discuss all they know about it. The catch: one of them goes in blind knowing nothing about the film and the other knows everything about the movie.

Twelve and a Half

Twelve and a Half is a music variety hour hosted by Patrick Hirsch. Music stylings will vary week-by-week covering a strange subsection of the musical spectrum.