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Afro Beats

“It’s a journey across the motherland, Africa ?!! We sample different genres from Afropop and house muzik to jazz, traditional, AfroDancehall…you name it.”

– Emmanuel Chikwati

Cincinnati Secrets

Cincinnati Secrets is a podcast about the weird, occult, and illegal history of Cincinnati. This is a podcast hosted by Kerry Stephens for HNR 491: Senior Honors Capstone.

Collin’s Conspiracy Corner

Collin’s Conspiracy Corner is a comedy podcast brought to you by the mind of Collin Hudson, NCR’s local conspiracy theorist. Each week, Collin brings in guests to talk about a different conspiracy theory in the hope to open our mind’s eyes!

Collin is currently focusing on other efforts within NCR, so keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram (@ncrnku) and Twitter (@norsecoderadio) to see when Collin’s Conspiracy Corner returns!

Drawk Rock

“Drawk Rock is a celebration of rock & roll and all of its variants from the 60s all the way to present day. When you tune in to Drawk Rock you’ll hear some of the best classic, hard, prog, and even heavy metal that the genres have to offer. With the occasional commentary on music, sports, and other current events, you’ll probably also hear deeper cuts than what the average rock radio station will play.”

– Iain Cavins

Tune in to Drawk Rock every Tuesday, at 4pm, only on Norse Code Radio!


Earbudz is a comedic podcast co-hosted by the likes of Ethan McIntosh and Caitlyn Scherpenberg. Every week, they bring random and absolutely “useful” information to the public eye. You’ll be entertained, they swear.

Join in every Friday at 4PM on Norse Code Radio!

Edge Control

“A podcast about important topics concerning black and minority youth. Along with fun discussions on entertainment, beauty, and current events. Hosted by Eunice Yankson and Allison Vesgas Ramos”

– Allison Vesgas Ramos

Catch “Edge Control” every Tuesday at 7pm, only on Norse Code Radio!

Excuse Us

Excuse Us

Excuse Us is Norse Code Radio’s #1 award-winning* comedy podcast from veterans and champions of the medium, Jon Barnett, Collin Hudson, and Trace Maloney. Hilarious stories and witty comedy fill an hour with every episode from Excuse Us!

*- Excuse Us has won the ‘Excuse Us’ award, from Norse Code Radio’s #1 comedy podcast, ‘Excuse Us’!

High Notes Radio

Alt-indie music hour with live performances and interviews with local artists. Interested in being on the show? Shoot me an email at highnotesradio@gmail.com!


“JONAGE is a live DJ set/radio talk show, featuring many subgenres of indie, alternative, and punk rock music, from bands that are up and coming to legendary. And if you’re lucky, you might just learn something.”

– Jon Barnett

Mage Noise Radio

“Mage Noise Radio is a one hour radio broadcast hosted by Megan Taylor. Featured music includes indie, metal, hip-hop, and neo-soul. You can find Grimes, Mitski, and Florence + the Machine here, as well as classics like The Smiths and Sinatra. Your dose of indie rock you think no one else has heard of is here, as are the weird foreign songs you may find yourself obsessing over.”

-Megan Taylor

Catch “Mage Noise Radio” every Thursday at 8pm EST!

Mother Mary’s Music

“Mother Mary’s Music is hosted by Mary McNeill, often referred by her sobriquet Mother Mary. Every week Mother Mary’s Music focuses on bringing a variety of genres, usually rock, post hardcore, and punk, but also ranges anything from R&B, country rap, and experimental. There are occasionally commentary and also serves as a talk show about music.”

-Mary McNeill

Catch “Mother Mary’s Music” every Thursday at 7pm EST live only on Norse Code Radio!

Pony Express Sports

Pony Express Sports was a live sports show from NCR veteran Alex Gray, ranging from local to major sporting events, including everything from Basketball to Nascar!
Pony Express Sports was every Monday night at 8pm EST, live on Norse Code Radio!

Alex has since graduated and moved on to better things, but we still love him!

Congrats Alex, we miss ya!

Something Stupid

“Something Stupid is a [comedy] show about anything and everything. We talk about whatever we want and it usually goes off on a tangent with whatever guest(s) are on.”

-Ashlyn Duggan

Catch “Something Stupid” on Fridays at 3pm EST, only on Norse Code Radio!

Techno Geeks

Techno Geeks is a geek and tech podcast from Ian Holbrook and Jake Banta. Computers, phones, games, comics, movies and more are all covered.

Track Talk

“Track Talk is a show that plays soundtracks from musical theatre, movies, television, etc.”

“The Track Talk podcast is a show that talks about anything and everything media with a guest every episode, it can get interesting and trust me it does.”

-Lilly Taylor

Listen to “Track Talk” every Thursday at 3pm, only on Norse Code Radio!