Ep. 21: The Phoenix Suns’ new jerseys (ft. Hayes Cannupp)

Hey everyone!
Before we start back with school, Matthew has a great episode with the CEO of the custom jersey company, JerseyBird! In a conversation that covers topics like collaborating with Hayes’ favorite soup brand to make a jersey, big JerseyBird events in the future, and the beginning struggles of the company.
We hope you enjoy this big-time guest, and stay tuned for podcast merch in the next couple weeks! big things are on the way for the best audience in the world!

Ep. 20: Get out of the cold (ft. Annie Sabo)

Hello everyone!
Today Matthew had the honor of interviewing Reds Live on Bally Sports host, Annie Sabo! They talked about her long adventure from her beginnings to now, the challenges and hours she put in to get to this spot in her career, what it takes to be a sports broadcaster, and the French Onion soup situation!
Whether you are a sports fan or not, this is absolutely an episode that you will love to listen to and learn more about this amazing sports mind!
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Ep. 19: Starting a restaurant isn’t fun, but it is (ft. The Chef Hip E’s crew)

Hey everyone!
Matthew is actually on schedule for two consecutive episodes! How crazy, right?!

Today he was able to interview Chef Hip E’s crew (Ernie, Megan, and Reggie)! If you have never heard of the restaurant, you NEED to visit and enjoy some of the amazing food! This interview includes them talking about Ernie Estrada’s career thus far, how he’s found a home in Rabbit Hash, and what it takes to be successful in creating your own business.

Ernie and his crew are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet, and you can truly tell how much they love what they do when you eat your food. They give their all in their business and always find ways to stay unique. They will always be there for you to talk and check in, making them the best restaurant in Kentucky.

Thank you for watching, and make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Have a great day and PLEASE PLEASE go visit Chef Hip E’s Cocina Loca in Rabbit Hash, KY at 10046 Lower River Rd, Burlington, KY 41005. It is an experience you won’t forget!

Ep. 18: Guys Being Dudes [Part 69] (Ft. Paris Cremeans and Trevor Lee)

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the long disappearance again! Matthew got lost in the Amazon and had to fight his way out, and was given the Nobel Peace Prize for it!
He’s back with Paris and Trevor in a new subset of episodes called “Guys Being Dudes [Part 69]” where they sit and talk about extremely pointless topics!
Today they discuss what movies they’d make, if Trevor has been able to make a Super Perc, and a little bit of girl bossing “Would You Rather” questions.
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Hey everyone!
On today’s episode with Matthew, he interviewed the owner of Fleurish Grounds and Poppy’s Favorite Vintage! They talk about the rise in business’ due to the popularity of social media, the alteration of Hale’s career path after college, and the ongoing events and ways you can support small business’ in the Cincinnati area!
Thank you to Brittany and Jordan for allowing Matthew to use their shop to record this podcast, and an even bigger thank you for the amazing interview and conversation! It was a great experience!
Make sure to stop by Fleurish Grounds in Newport, KY at 846 Monroe Street and check out the variety of products they offer! Also, make sure to go to the Newport Garden Walk this weekend!
Have a great day!