“John Wick Chapter 4”

Season 4 – Episode 9: This week, Austin and Anthony delve into the hidden underworld of… Keanu Reeves! Yeah… Join the duo as they discuss the latest chapter of the John Wick franchise. Does this new entry hit its mark? Or is it a complete misfire? Find out in our review!

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“Somebody I Used to Know”

Season 4 – Episode 5: Today, Austin and Anthony celebrate Valentine’s Day with the newest romcom to hit streaming! Find out if this film struck is with Cupid’s arrow or if we just want to be friends in the newest That’s a Wrap! Featuring, a special guest appearance from Andrew Walsh and Bellamah from Andrew¬≤. Also Discussed: Ted Lasso (Trailer), Transformers (Trailer), Air (Trailer), Indiana (Trailer), Fast X (Trailer), Flash (Trailer), GOTG3 (Trailer), The Last of Us (Episode 5)