April 19, 2019: Resonator, Live at the Loch

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April 19, 2019:

“Sprouting from seeds laid down by modern rock artists such as The Black Keys and The Strokes, a tasty blend of garage/blues rock has melted together to form Resonator. The group was formed by Cincinnati natives Ian Campbell (guitar/vocals) and Jackson Burton (bassist) in 2016 and later joined by Nathan Hoeweler (drums) in 2017.
After experiencing a mainstream studio setting back in 2017, the band decided to self-record their album, ‘Swallow Your Concerns.’ Once hearing about the band’s self-recording pursuits, a local Cincinnati friend, and member of The Never Setting Suns offered up his basement studio to the band. After months of recording in the basement, audio engineering at Jackson’s crib, and spicy band debates, ‘Swallow Your Concerns’ was released on January 4th, 2019.”

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