Ep. 16: Mini soda’s from Minnesota, but they’re from Kentucky (ft. The Withrows)

Hey everyone!!
Today Matthew sits down and chats with his family friends from Minnesota, The Withrow family! They cover a variety of topics including holiday gatherings, Shelby behaving like a cat because of chewing gum, and the first time Matt’s parents and Becky and Dave met each other. This was an extremely fun conversation to have, and even though the quality was not great and we had technical issues, it was an honor to have them on!
We hope to have them all on again for another great conversation, and possibly a visit to Minnesota next!
Thank you all for listening, and apologize again for the late post and the poor quality! Remember to leave a review on the show and share the podcast with your friends!
Have a great rest of your day!

Ep. 15: Us just arguing (ft. Kaitlyn Martz)

Hello everyone!
Matthew is finally back with a new episode! He has his own gear now, and with plenty of new projects in the works, he hopes to bring a lot of entertainment to you all still! He interviews his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Martz, and they talk about the first (really the second) time they met, the dispute of shows they watch, and their time in Madisonville, Ohio at The Cheesecakery!
Thank you all for listening, and we’re so glad to be back in the works doing what Matthew loves!

Ep. 12: Sup Podcast with no soup (ft. Paris Cremeans and Trevor Lee)

Hello everyone!
Today Matthew has on two of his favorite guests and best friends to have fun and goof around! They touch on many topics including the Young Scholars Academy, middle school fights, and instead of reviewing soup (due to none of them bringing soup because of time and the torrential downpour) they review Treovr’s Sun Chips! Today was a very fun episode, and hopefully you enjoy the episode as much as Matthew did making it! Thank you for tuning in and make sure to share this episode with your friends! Also, contact me if you’d like to come on the podcast, as we’re actively welcoming guests! Have a great day!