Ep. 11: Hairy cheeks (ft. Me)

Hello everyone!
Today Matthew has another episode of answering your questions! While he does say that this episode could be recorded, it will have to wait till a future episode so he can get a good control of it all. He enjoyed reading all the questions and answering them no matter how odd they were! Whether it was talking about the weight of his feces or talking about who will win the National Championship, you won’t be left with a dull moment! Thank you all for listening, and most importantly, thank you for your engagement in the podcast!! We’re 11 episodes in and the support you show is very much felt!
We’re on the start of something good! Make sure to leave a review and give a rating to the show if you can, plus share it with your friends and family so they can learn about the fun of this community! Have a great day!

Ep. 10: King of the (tennis) court (ft. Marques Warrick)

Hey everyone!
Matthew is finally back from his break, and he came back with the biggest guest so far! He was able to bring in Horizon League tournament MVP and All-Horizon League Second Team Norse star, Marques Warrick! They talk about the importance of role models in basketball, how Marques started in basketball, how he continues to give back to his community, and how Marques is underrated on the tennis court! Congrats to Marques and the NKU Norse men’s basketball team on an amazing season!
I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as Matthew did, and make sure to share this episode and leave a review! Have a great day!

Ep. 8: Snake wrastlin (ft. Michea and Shelby Supinger)

Hey everyone! Today Matthew has on his two older twin sisters to talk about so many things! They talk about the snake fiasco from running down the hill, hitting a fan, and even being threatened for murder if Matt crossed a carpet line! Today was an especially fun one, so hopefully you enjoy it as much as he did! Thank you for listening, and leave a review and comment about your thoughts! Thank you for listening, and have a great day!